Scoop This

Scoop This was a late 90s satirical dirt sheet that spoofed the unreliability of online media by presenting absurd content in deceptively professional packaging.

Originally launched as a one-shot parody of Al Isaacs' Scoops wrestling news column, Scoop This organically came into its own after the internet wrestling community's enthusiastic response inspired a custom rebrand, weekly updates and reader submissions from what would become the ST writing team (credited in the Alumni section below).

Beyond its signature parody news headlines, Scoop This was home to classic features like the Adventures of the NWO B-Team, Dusty The Fat Bitter Cat's Litterbox & Chris Hyatte's Mop-Ups; while enjoying content licensing partnerships with our friends at CBS Sportsline, Metal Sludge, WOW Magazine, the LAW and more.

Scoop This : The Magazine The Black Issue (2023)

Scoop This returns in 2023 with The Black Issue : a digital magazine featuring 28 pages of new satirical content coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the brand's run. For entertainment purposes only. Nothing in these pages is real, except for the rare parts that are; like the page numbering. Unless our math is off, then not even that. A follow-up — The White Issue — is planned for release later this year. More info on the project's origins (and who participated) to come.

/ Former colleagues, partners and old friends Thanks & Acknowledgements

Bob Ryder, Dave Scherer, Eric Eckstein, Drew Curtis, Al Isaacs, Ashish Pabari, Jonathan Widro, Blake Norton, Jason Solomon, Michael Melchor, Steve Anderson, Shawn Schrager, Donnie Abreu, Arda Ocal, Murtz Jaffer, Rick Scaia, Mike Samuda, John Brodigan, David St-Martin, Martin Lucas and Bill Apter — just for having given a crap at one time or another.

Every by-line we could find in our archives The Alumni (1997-2000)

NoSoul, Trey Conway, Robert Lamb, Chris Hyatte, Dusty The Fat Bitter Cat, Robert Berry, Jarrod Triplett, Billy Darsow, Warren Drake, Davin Davis, Chris "MGK" Bird, Lo Phat Ham, General R.W. Boyce, Markbuster Bob Boyd, John Steniger, Jimmy XCite, Hubert G. Guttersnipe along with Jayseph Richardson, Ryan Closs and Jay Cline (our unheralded web devs).